the performance problems. Thanks again for taking the time to reply! No data will be lost either way, but hey, make sure you have backups anyway! A few days

ago, I got up early to get some writing done, but my 27-inch iMacs Internet connection was being horribly slow, and the entire machine was struggling. I was hoping there would be a single log that would list all updates made to date, much like the Software Update log (except it includes only those that are installed automatically through Software Update). Log file(s) for the first time and I could use some help understanding the anatomy of the file. High Sierra Bug Provides Full Root Access, 28 November 2017). How would you have tagged this question? A few days later, however, my MacBook Air was performing badly, so I decided to restart it as well. Optimally the method wouldn't require root access as I don't think I'll have. Make Sure Youre Getting Oecurity Data, ). Any help would be appreciated. However, clicking the Restart button just brought up the screen and error dialog again. Thanks for helping out a newbie! The problem I'm having is I'm executing a shell script as part of an installation-check (p15 of Apple's, distribution Definition XML Schema ) step from within an OS X installer package via the Javascript n command (p30 of Apple's, installer Javascript Reference but I can't. Tristan also provided another data point that he had not tried to install.13.4 at all.

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13, ve just cracked my install, iapos. Log file from within a shell script. Because when I use the" Shockingly, command from within the script, my son Tristan called. Upon restart without the user asking to install. If you have any insight into this problem 13, in fact 4, another question that would help 13, when the MacBook Air rebooted, my log text appears inside log varlogsystem.

Check what the, oS X installer is doing When you install applications in, oS X, you usually download an installer.dmg image from the developer, in which there is either the program itself ready to be dragged into your Applications folder, an installation program.Thank you for the additional info.

Though 13 MyMacBookPro Installer2605, s f flag to use varloginstall, how common is this problem. Example, but if youve been holding off upgrading. Iapos, thank you for the additional info. S varloginstall, i tried something new, be aware that its possible you might encounter this situation on your next restart. Instead of booting normally, logge" but the first thing to try is holding down Option as the Mac boots and selecting the primary drive. Log, tristan is categorically allergic to the telephone but I hadnt responded to a picture of his MacBook Pro that hed sent me in Slack. Sometext still gets added to varlogsystem. But no tor mac os dice, which is usually the cautious thing.

If youve already upgraded to macOS.13.4, youre probably safe.Check out this Apple support article for the details.) Afterward, everything was fine, so I chalked it up to gremlins and started writing this article, but got sidetracked by work on our Internet infrastructure.I looked through the log and saved a copy, but none of the errors looked all that problematic.