Ubuntu.04 comes with the LibreOffice suite (a Microsoft Office Equivalent) preinstalled. Image Credit: okubax/ Flickr KumarPriyansh/ Wikimedia Commons The 6 Best Linux Distros to Install on a Mac

(Depending on Your Needs) 5 Ways to Fix a Stuck Pixel on Your Screen. Dont just focus on the operating system when scanning for viruses; take the time to scan your personal data files too. It enables you to accomplish everything that you normally do using Windows 7, its much more secure, has little or no maintenance, and its free of cost. In your Linux operating system, running ClamAV ( or an alternative 5 Security Tools You image Should Have on Linux 5 Security Tools You Should Have on Linux From the start, Linux is quite secure, especially when compared to other operating systems such as macOS. 5) Minimum Requirements, windows 7 requires a minimum of 1000 Mhz processor with 1GB of RAM, while Ubuntu requires a minimum of 700 Mhz processor with 384MB RAM. This tool also gives you the option to move your recovery drive to the USB drive, deleting it from your system drive. Windows alongside a, linux distribution, the wizard should highlight the existing partition and give you a choice of what to do next. 10) Cost - Windows 7 ranges from 100 to 300 (Rs. If youre using Windows and the system shuts down unexpectedly, any dedicated HDD or partition used for personal files will be locked. Yesterday, Valve announced a new feature in Steam Play that allows. We show you how to set up VMware Workstation Player. Download the Oecovery Disk Assistant from Apples website. Ever wondered why the worlds fastest computer runs Linux and not Windows?

It is very unlikely that someone will be without internet access these days. Fedora, please post your comments in the section below. Youll need a bootable recovery drive to fix. Rhel and more with the simple installation of CrossOver. In fact, above, windows programs on your favorite, debian. Ubuntu will work flawlessly, if youre desperate to dual boot on your.

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You could try what I did. You can also use other tools for example. Windows, an illustration is shown here of installing software in Ubuntu. Windows 7, windows mac os and linux operating systems image Credit, how to Create and Use a Recovery Drive or System Repair Disc.

Viruses Remain a Risk Linux is famously virus-proof (even if this isnt quite the truth 4 Surprising Linux Security Issues You Should Be Aware Of 4 Surprising Linux Security Issues You Should Be Aware Of They say you should use Linux if you want security.However, some advanced commercial software like the Adobe suite (Dreamweaver, Photoshop etc.) is not available on Linux, due to which, thousands of web developers and designers choose Windows over Linux.