it works well and it is one of the best rated options in Google Play. AlQuran By Sayed Samed, introducing a highly optimised, full of features and searchable Holy

Quran application for iPhone, iPod Touch and IPad. 1 of 3, names of Allah By Magnicode, this application assists users memorize the beautiful 99 names of Allah. You can set up the alarm within seconds and configure it to ring on the weekends for fajr or during Ramadan to make sure that you have enough time for sahoor. It also features an Islamic calendar (Hijri options for high latitude time calculations and Adhan alarm that can be mountain heard while the apps is running. Best comprehensive APP, much thanks to the developers for this useful application. You just need to enter your zip code/address and the appropriate prayer times would be calculated. It also gives you accurate fasting times during Ramadan and a great selection of Islamic greeting cards. ISubha has the following features to offer. . The history/log view can be configured with a Password. Recitation of many famous reciters, easy to use user interface design 1 of 5, qamarDeen By Batoul. Once you open AthanPro, the app immediately gets synchronized to your device, providing the correct Adhan time. Quran: Keep track of how much Quran you read every day. You can download it for free. Muslim Pro, another great option to get the most accurate prayer and Adhan time is this app from Bitsmedia Pte. You do not need a data connection to use Islamic Compass. The app allows you to set up an alarm to mark the times with high accuracy as it works with the method that the.S Naval Observatory uses to calculate sunrise, sunset and twilight. It includes a beautiful compass always pointing to Makkah from any position in the world and it plays an adman when its time to pray at your location!

Possibility TO change the startup screen either free startup with the compass or with the prayer times screen. English Transliteration mode also available, it is possible to find out the appropriate time for Adhan and other religious observances that take place in Ramadan and throughout the year. Memorize screen to repeatedly hear a range of divine names. It is compatible with iOS and can be downloaded for free. Knowing the time for Adhan the Islamic call to worship also known as Azan is very important.

Download Muslim Pro: Azan, Quran, Qibla and enjoy it on your iPhone, iPad, and iPod.If you feel that the app is giving you wrong prayer times, it is most likely.

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AlQuran allows you to read the entire Holy Quran and mac os x 10.5 leopard install dvd dmg download its translations and commentary in various languages. Developed by Omar Mody, mark where you began and where you left off. Getting the exact times and location for the moon will help you to know the right Adhan timings. Everything is customizable to your needs. No matter where in the world you are. Test to arrange the names in the order presented in the application. Latitude longitude through Google Maps select your city and the app with provide you accurate information related to the Sun christian apps for iphone and the Moon. From donating your money or time to smiling at your Brother or Sister.

It has everything in it!Search text and translations of the Holy Quran quickly and easily.The app has come along so well with each successive update.