expenses with other people is super easy and works extremely well. And thank you for your five-star review! 3) Its possible to designate the rate manually. Links, homepage: m

facebook: m/CostSplitApp, twitter: m/CostSplitApp, sep 26, 2018. When emailing the report, it did not appear as an attachment, so maybe that's the problem? Please revise so printing can occur without cutting off most of the report. But I still love this app! I have noted a few quirks, though. Thank you so much for your thorough review! On Android, iPhone, or the web (m you can view your balances, track spending trends, set up email reminders for bills, and much much more! 1) Did you try to print the attached pdf-file? The app does allow a higher "weight" for a person, but only for the whole trip, not for single entries. Third, I wish the app would let the user designate the exchange rate; the rate that appeared for us was not what we were charged when we got our credit card statements. Joan of DC, Makes life easier This app was a godsend on a recent trip abroad with 3 friends. It may have been current on the day the report was generated, but not when the expenses were incurred.

Quot; all my friends were making cost fun of me cause Iapos. Melia Robinson, i only wish such a tool had been available when I was a new college graduate. Ann Carrns, it is excellent and such a time saver. Thanks for making this app, sO good, you can choose to store the data online. It is impossible to print out so folks could more android easily review it to make sure all expenses were included accurately. You can email a report with a list of all expenses and who should pay what to whom.

Cost Split for iPhone/iPad.It is perfect on vacations, road trips, a night on the town or in a household where you share the costs.

Cost split app android and iphone

Hanfish987, t recommend it highly apps enough, and a few hours into winrar the trip it is already getting ain. Amanda, use Splitwise to split household bills with roommates. Hope this was helpful and let us know if you have any other questions or suggestions 1 Optimized for the new iPhone.

My one recommendation would be to allow for more than one person to pay an expense, and maybe even in different amounts.(I think the app might even help avoid friction between friends sometimes!).I used it for dividing finances during a road trip however and they were all blown away by how easy it was!