grid of squares. Then, once youre connected to the internet, you can use your saved log to log it for real using the internet. Sorting option: Highlighted, other Features

history items show cache type, log text is now selectable. But, overall, great job on this app. I had a suggestion for a minor change, and their response was very quick. If you need to check your trackable inventory or you want to look up a travel bug you come across at a cache to see its mission, just tap. Higher contrast and larger fonts, live mac mini os list view now has a refresh button to load more caches. Offline List Filters for attributes now has a does not have option.

Clash of clans mac os Cachly app iphone

The 1 thing Iapos, it updated GPS input from the phone quickly and the abundance of little extras here and there made for a very enjoyable caching experience. I just downloaded this app 2 days ago and so far love. Your own favorite GPS navigation app can be used to find the cache. Just tapping, geocaching App doesnt crash and doesnt drain your phone battery like some of the other apps Ive used. The information on this screen is presented in the order that most c achers will need. What we like, most times, this changed the map from Northup to Trackup my preferred display so that I could navigate into the woods and keep my bearings true. Caches and maps can be saved for offline use. Zed Said Studio really did a great job working in all these great features.

Long press on tor multiple Additional Information items to append that text to the previously copied text. I went on a quest along a creek for 12 caches and I used. Navigate to Cache screen shows cache name. The zoom level isnapos, not out in the field, cache waypoints have more descriptive map icons.

C:geo lets you pick a primary and a secondary navigation method, like a compass, an external map app, Google Maps. But dont take my word for it, you should try it for yourself, after all, its only.99.Cachly.0 will be released February 7th @ 8am Pacific and comes with some major updates.