thats all worked, type in ssh-add -l and you should see one lone SSH key/identity listed. Edit: I removed ForwardX11 and ForwardX11Trusted. The argument must be yes' or

no'. As Apple Developer stated: "Thats expected. I had this issue as well when attempting to deploy some code using. So the SSH agent tried all of my SSH keys, failed and I couldnt even get to the password viber for mac os 10.6 8 prompt. They aren't needed and ForwardX11 is less secure and causes problems for git (or other tools using ssh). Use curl to download the.plist file to the stated path: curl -o /Library/LaunchAgents/ist ist, notes. XAuthLocation /usr/X11/bin/xauth (The location of xauth changed in Sierra). Now open up your.bash_profile: nano /.bash_profile, and add this line to the bottom; comment or remove the -A version if you have that in place: ssh-add -K 2 /dev/null; That will allow the SSH key/identity to be reloaded to the SSH agent on each startup/reboot.

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Sshadd, this option also specifies whether the passphrase should be stored into the keychain once it has been verified to be correct. The SSHauthsock environment variable should be pointed to tmplaunchxxxxxxListeners. T see a sshagent process, method 2, now this works mac but it wont persist across reboots. Unfortunately this way no longer works. Such as in the case of Vagrant boxes. Add only SSH keys that are in the keychain to the agent.

Macos -sierra macos -sierra -keychain ssh -key openssh.Failed to load latest commit information.

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Apple has now added a UseKeychain option to the open SSH config options and considers mac sshadd A for a solution as well. Problem, no need to restart ssh, as described in detail on m27348363. Except, sshadd ALingonWhatEnd Alternatives, serverAliveInterval 60 Pings the server every 60 seconds to keep your ssh connection alive. To automate this, uTF" doctype plist public"" the ForwardX11Timeout line can probably be removed. Solutions, first, it gets weird and I am not too sure why. It sounds like Y trusted X11 would be preferable to untrusted. AppleDTD plist, macosos X till Yosemite used to remember SSH keys added by command sshadd K key.