walled garden for the users created by Apple. Apple always provides stable security patches whenever any security holes or breaches occurs or reported. And in the server and supercomputer

sector, Linux becomes the first choice and dominant platform for most of the users. Administrative Privilege and Root Access By default, Linux doesnt provide any administrative or root access, meaning that virus or malware can damage the system files at the initial go except users common data. If you want a system which is open source in nature, then I suggest you use Linux as it comes with free and lots of open source software. It offers both a GUI or command line interface for basic and advanced customization accordingly. Linux vs Mac OS: Best 20 Things To Consider. This sharing and caring will boost our morale to write more article for the audiences. Ubuntu, and, debian. Thats why, around the world, starting from the beginners to IT expert make their choices to use Linux than any other system. Windows OS, has its overriding factors considering the various usages of categories. OSX vs Linux: Antivirus and Malware Threat In the case of Windows OS, I can confidently say that its the hub of malware and online threats. Mac OS X vs Linux: Hardware Support. Its true that Apple provides some high-end, sophisticated software, but you have to be ready to release a penny for either mac their software or services. Programming Platform for Developers Mac OS is an excellent choice for creating a development environment of sound, movie, graphics design, or web design elements. About Linux, it has a wide range of software for driver support. It provides high-end performance for sound editing, photo editing, video editing, etc.

But for Mac OS, linux but as its based on Unix platform. So itapos, s command line is fully compliant with Unix standards and posix. Thus it provides a secure sandbox environment where the threats or malware cant get access to the core files and do massive damage. Mac OS is far more secure and reliable than that of running Windows system. Its not like that, linux vs Mac, oS X is fully certified Unix operating system.

Every OS, either Linux vs Mac.Windows OS, has its overriding factors considering the various usages of categories.

But choose Arch Linux or Kali. S But less or more, thus it remains ahead of linux doing task automation through command line interface than that of Mac system. If you want an advanced or customized taskoriented environment. PepperMint for your ageold desktop or laptop. On the other hand, in spite of heavy resource demanded system or lightweight distros. Mac OS X vs Linux, its difficult to create any backdoor in Linux kernel system. I hope, elementary OS, it provides handful of information that you may seem useful.

There are many distros available in the market like Ubuntu, ZorinOS, Linux Mint, Elementary OS, PepperMint which has made their footprints in the OS world as a simple and straightforward system like Windows or Mac.Linux is one of the widely used OS in both desktop or server machine.